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Date of an exit: February 8, 2018.
Age rating: 16+
Developer: Infogrames
Publisher: Piko Interactive LLC
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Congratulations, Don Dzhonz! You just won virtual adventure vacation on Eternam, the biggest and best planetary amusement park in the galaxy. Hardworking intergalactic space marshals, such as you, deserve to test an unsurpassed gate. Travel around three-dimensional landscapes in more than a half-dozen of the last human eras inhabited vital and biological = by the technical beings offering derisive remarks. From an era of Pharaohs and the kingdom of medieval knights before the French revolution and further you are waited by adventures for the rest of life... or even on several. But, Mr. Dzhonz, there is a small problem... Dragoons still inhabit Eternam, wishing to return themselves the park, and united the forces with your bewitched rival Michal Nyuk. They plan to spoil strongly to you a holiday! At least, you can count on the help to beautiful Tracey, the technician from the coordination Eternam group. Unfortunately, to avoid evil paws of Nyuk, it dematerializovatsya in computer network Funpark therefore Tracey will communicate only via the computer screen. You need an intuition, courage, sharpness, diplomacy, charm and surrealistic sense of humour. Only you can save Eternam - and yourself. But who wouldn´t face all problems to win Tracey´s smile. So... Enjoy rest, Mr. Dzhonz!
Developers describe content so: This game may contain content not suitable for all age or for viewing at work: Content for adults. Copyright of Piko Interactive LLC

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