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Date of an exit: January 1, 1970.
Age rating: 12+
Developer: Sonalysts
Publisher: Strategy First
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

688(I) Hunter/Killer are the most realistic simulator of the submarine, from ever coming to the personal computer. Seize the system of a hydrolocation, equip the submarine with the most advanced arms and learn to battle in real combat conditions, and then use the skills that with honor and advantage to pass all tests on the way to the most prestigious award — to silver dolphins — and to a rank of the best submariner.
Simulator as close as possible to reality: A game is developed by the Sonalysts studio which is also engaged in creation of educational and training complexes for submariners of the Navies of the USA.
Over 12 in details worked functional elements of the submarine: You keep under control each component of the submarine, including — the hydrolocation block, department of firing, traffic control of the boat and also the analyzer of a moving target.
Real-life landscape: Thanks to topographical data from satellites depth and density of the ocean corresponds to a real water landscape of Earth.
The tasks based on real events: Undergo detailed instructing and single tasks and also the whole campaign from the missions connected among themselves and based on a real situation in the world.
Multiuser mode: "Find and Destroy" up to 8 players on the Internet or LAN.
Full 3D: Completely three-dimensional cursor allows to regulate the review from the game camera and also provides a detailed portrayal of 3D models of more than 20 different types of arms.
Complete control: Correctly dispose of all resources of your submarine — train crew, operate onboard arms, etc.
DANGEROUS WATERSS.C.S. - Dangerous Waters allows you to accept command of land forces and also military and air and navy. Manage separate fighting units and plan global strategy in the mode ´The commander-in-chief look´. FLEET Commandmezhdunarodnye waterways turn into the field of heavy fighting when the strongest naval associations exchange mortal blows. Take the whole fleet under the control, feel as the prudent strategist, having organized the forces on three classes — frigates, aircraft and atomic submarines. Keep fragile balance between brute force and the thought-over tactics — only then full superiority over the opponent is provided to you.
Campaigns and missions are based on the real events until recently hanging in headings of newspapers.
Unique strategy in real time with ultramodern, nonfictional arms.
Intuitively clear management of fighting units.
There is no need to remember symbols or complex teams.
The player can think out own tactical moves and receptions.
Completely three-dimensional game world, with an opportunity to rotate, bring closer and distance the game camera for receiving the most informative picture of fight.
Visual effects are simulated with tremendous realism — change of day and night, a cloud, a rain, various conditions of a surface of the water, traces from the movement of the ships and the fires on their boards.
SUB COMMANDVOZMITE under the command the most killing submarine of the modern world — choose one of three submarines in two unique game campaigns. Use supersensitive sensors and the most perfect weapon to find, track down and destroy the enemy — and on the land purposes it is possible to launch even the Tomahawk missiles. What you did — drifted, emerged or plunged — in each timepoint you steer the cleverest, most invisible and most terrible submarine today!
Three submarines — Seawolf, 688(I) and "Shark". Everyone is equipped with the real seaworthy systems, including the sonar, the radar and the system of the analysis of the movement of the purpose.
Learn to handle the Tomahawk rocke
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