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Date of an exit: August 10, 2021.
Age rating: 12+
Developer: 2BIGo, ARP Games
Publisher: All in! Games
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitlings)
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Woodcutters against haosatopor are ground, team on call, shirts are ironed out! All forces of nature united against you, and the only way to a victory — harmonious team work. In this mad race against time you should fell the trees and to drive cattle into a shed... Sounds simply? Ah yes, we forgot to tell about meteorites, the dinosaurs and the mother nature ready to stop you at any cost. Time is limited so lay non-standard routes, work together, and, above all — be ready to everything! Through space and time
If the tree somewhere grew, to the woodcutter there is always a work. This improbable travel will bring you into the most different eras and corners of Earth — and not only! The further you will promote, the more will meet new scenery, unique events and game mechanics. You will be waited by new animals: big and small, lovely and not really — some will want to be snuggled, and from others to hide in bushes. Generally, it isn´t necessary to miss! And that for memory there were amusing screenshots, we prepared a set of ridiculous shapes for characters. The network modes for all
It is possible to play though from one sofa though since the different ends of the world: undertake axes and turn to work all artel. In Lumberhill both a local joint game, and an online multiplayer is supported! There is a wish to play pranks? Switch in the PvP mode and send friends according to the card (and dump them from it), having turned into a horned ram or a furious wild boar — let will try to cope with tasks! It is interesting to test the strength unaided? For you there is an option of a lonely wandering in the mode solo! What waits for you in Lumberhill: Local joint game, online multiplayer and mode solo: call up to three friends or test yourself alone.
Unfriendly wild nature.
Set of levels where it is necessary to perform the difficult tasks limited on time.
Casual events: wildfires, meteoric rains and attacks of pirates.
The new worlds and shapes available in process of progress.
Search of non-standard routes and decisions.
An opportunity to be left by pandas and to run about from dinosaurs.
Risk to throw off friends from the card. Of course, it is accidental (or not, we don´t condemn).

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