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Date of an exit: August 14, 2015.
Age rating: 6+
Developer: Fancy Bytes
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Localization: Russian interface
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

In Industry Giant II, as well as in his predecessor, you begin with the modest beginning and become the industrial billionaire. In this simulator you will direct development of the company from the very beginning to - if carries - industrial giant. You control all aspects of flared business - construction of the plants, product development, payment of the salary, pricing in outlets, even management of transport network. Economic boom, crash of the stock market, oil crises, rises, triumphs... Now you can become the greatest power in the industry! Begin in 1900 with little money, but with big ambitions, and thanks to skillful decision-making you can build the huge business empire. Make important decisions, what products you have to make, where to collect the best raw materials, where to sell them and as effectively there to transport them. It is your choice whether you begin as the small gardener with a small orchard and you will retire as the owner of the largest food empire in the district, or finally you will become the owner of multinational conglomerate with an extensive portfolio of products.
Key features: More than 150 real items of the XX century
50 different cars
20 infinite cards
The detailed graphics and the environment
Or will lock historical events, such as newspaper boom
Intellectual growth of the city - from the small village to the huge city
The motivating luxury
The campaign mode with 20 missions for beginners and professionals
Pro-Mode with all important dates and statistics
Permission of Full HD
Achievements of Steam
Preservation in Steam Cloud

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