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Date of an exit: July 14, 2020.
Age rating: 6+
Developer: Enlight Software Limited
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Localization: Russian interface
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

After the international success the Giant hotel returned and became more, than ever. In Hotel Giant 2 you will create hotel of the dream and will operate prestigious locations worldwide. Your purpose - to attract as much as possible guests and to be convinced that they are happy with the stay. To achieve the objectives, you have to develop the high standard of service, employ great staff, decorate each room to the taste and never forget that the client is always right. Surpass expectations of your guests, having improved their stay, earning more money and having become the most successful hotel chain in the world!
Key features: Impressive realism: observe and influence life of your guests, satisfy their requirements, meet their anger …
Wide choice: 26 unique hotels in various places, such as Paris, Rome, Los Angeles and Munich … and more than 1400 objects and pieces of furniture for ornament and decoration of your hotels.
Full control: create various services (bars, specialized shops, conference rooms...) and conveniences, such as halls for pools, arcades, halls for heads... adjust their arrangement, choose contents of the menu for your restaurant and even employ living performers to entertain your guest
Hundreds of clients who need to be observed, analyzed and understood each client is individual... to discover their persons, to have satisfaction and to win the tourist dollars
Intuitively clear interface, high-performance three-dimensional graphic cursor which provides functions of day and night, the self-shining objects and more realistic animation, than ever before, for the maximum game process of modeling of life

Hotel Giant (steam key) -- RU -
Hotel Giant 2 (steam key) -- RU -
Industry Giant (steam key) -- RU -
Industry Giant 2 (steam key) -- RU -
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