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Date of an exit: December 6, 2018.
Age rating: 18+
Developer: Mogila Games
Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A.
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

"Clinically Dead" are the last seconds of your life and a strange current of time during an agony. Test several seconds of adventures which seem eternity.
The mystery of life after death. In a game you talk to yourself, to the subconsciousness. Eventually, it happens to all of us, but Mr. Samson wasn´t lucky today - he dies. He plunges into own consciousness, and each next second occupies more and more. In the beginning the first second seemed three seconds. Normal time for it was more slowly, than for others. The next second lasted minutes five. It had a lot of time to rethink the life. For all others it is a question of seconds, but for it it lasted eternally. At last, the last second of his mortal life extended for the infinite period of time... and this place where we begin our adventure. An adventure in which you travel around a four-dimensional system. Here the space and time are connected, and you can move not only in three directions (width, height and depth), but also in the fourth. Clinically Dead - a game about a current of time during an agony. Action happens in consciousness of the person when he dies. Time passes not as we got used actually. It can not only pass in the future. But it can also stop or flow in the opposite direction. Time is connected with space. So, moving ahead on level, we also move in time. Time also changes various things in a game. Time and space are connected. Transition on level changes not only time, but also the player´s life. Space time are presented in flowers which are designated at the level of a game. Blue color represents low temporary cost. Red color has high temporary value. Other colors represent appropriate time between the minimum and maximum time. Think of it as about a weather forecast where temperature is presented in flowers on the card. When you move a finger according to the card, temperature changes. The same and in a game. When you move on level, time changes. The field of time can also be changed, moving various objects in a game. Time also corresponds to points in the player´s life that means negative time (dark gray color) which forces the player to revive. In general is what it is possible to call "threefold communication". Time in space and time for health of the player. Tselva you die, and your subconsciousness got stuck in a trap of the mind. Everything that remained until death, is a couple of seconds. Your purpose - to collect seconds quietly to die. Be careful of beings in the right mind. It is not a horror, but in it there are several terrible moments - they are pleasant to us.

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