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Date of an exit: August 12, 2021.
Age rating: 12+
Developer: T19 Games
Publisher: 1C Entertainment
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Dread Templar is the dynamic shooter from the first person combining elements of both modern retroshooters, and classics of the 90th years. You are the Awful Templar who is looking for revenges is deep in the kingdom of the evil. Investigate levels and solve puzzles to find the hidden weapon and improvements. Battle against hordes of demons and blood-thirsty demons, using equipment of the ninjia, fire and infernal weapon which will make YOU the most terrible being in hell. Receive the powers of horror and adjust the skills according to the style of a game as they will help you with fight with powers of darkness.
: Dread Templar uses elements both modern retroshooters from the first person, and classical shooters, such as dynamic game process, dashing headshots and fast bullets that you could enjoy old games shooter games in a most up-to-date way! Adjust the skills of possession of weapon according to the style of a game and battle against hordes of demons. In a game more than 10 types of weapon, including katana swords, fire and infernal weapon! Investigate collateral zones and confidential places, solve interesting puzzles and receive awards. Manual style a retroart - all elements in a game, including weapon, demons and levels, are executed in the style retro pixel art reminding shooters of the 90th years.

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