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Date of an exit: December 1, 1993.
Age rating: 12+
Developer: Imagitec
Publisher: Ziggurat
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Never try to defeat god his own game. The deceived, surpassed and played, mighty Valkyrie knows that the end is close. She lifts up eyes and sees a penetrating glance of Odin. He raises the mighty hand to strike the finishing blow. It shifts a game counter in a board corner. "I won", - he whispers. "It is well played, - the Valkyrie mutters, - but whether you can defeat the own son, the Torah?" In this modern view on the ancient board game similar to chess, one party has to protect Odin from attack of forwards when he runs to one of board corners. The parties aren´t flat therefore One was ambushed with twelve soldiers against twenty four forwards going from all directions. Use accurate strategy and tactics to help Odin to reach the safe place before he is defenseless between several opponents!
Key features: Experience fascinating updating of the ancient Scandinavian strategic game Hnefatafl (a nave · and · that · fet).
Involve opponents in the game based on strategy, cunning and sharpness which was thought up itself by One.
Compete as Odin who has to win the Ragnarok Tournament to prevent Ragnarok, the end of all.
Compete with such Scandinavian legends as Vidar, the Shooting gallery, Heymdall, Torahs and Big-heads, or throw down a challenge to the friend in local competitions.
Observe how on your eyes game counters come to life to engage!
Play a game about which loves even One!

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