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Date of an exit: May 21, 2020.
Age rating: 12+
Developer: Shiny Shoe
Publisher: Good Shepherd Entertainment
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitlings)
System of activation: Steam
Region: CIS, Russia

Hell froze. Only you can protect the last burning Scorching heat piece from armies of Paradise and revive a former flame. At the expense of three fields located one above another which you should protect Monster Train introduces a new strategic element in games - "croissants" with creation of packs.
Each game session isn´t similar not previous
You will never use the same pack twice!
more than 220 cards
5 clans of monsters, each of which assumes the style of play
Each clan can be captured to the 10th level to receive new cards
Improvements are available to the elected hero of clan
88 artifacts
Each card can be improved twice
More than 21 casual events
25 levels of Consent (complexity)
Visit places of a silychtoba to defend Hell, you should become more powerful. Competently think over the route, different locations give various advantages. Improve the hero and the card, employ mighty fighters, you save passive bonuses and create duplicates of cards in the pack. Thinking over suitable you to strategiyuva five clans are available at choice, each of which offers unique style of play. Choose also additional clans to get access to cards both. During arrival you will be able to strengthen the cards, using improvements to open new ways to a victory. You can create duplicates of the favourite cards, using special knots on the card. Multiplayer
In real time in real time eight players in the multiuser mode meet. During creation of the field of a game each of them receives identical resources and rivals. Hours tick, and players should undergo testing for durability to define who makes the most right decisions under such pressure. Only the true demon of speed will come out the winner.
Every day you pass new test, participation in special game modifiers. Compete with friends and players from all over the world, conquering peaks of rating of the system of counting of points based on skill assessment.
Create own, unique test and share it with friends. For everyone "The test" own table of rating allowing you to send friends straight to hell is created. Copyright 2020, Shiny Shoe LLC

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