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Date of an exit: December 9, 2019.
Age rating: 16+
Developer: Reroll Gaming
Publisher: Reroll Gaming
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: CIS, Russia

About a game
Sanctum Breach is fascinating ARPG with the top view, in the spirit of old school! Create the character and battle to return themselves the right of the birth! Istoriyamir falls into a disorder as the device which was used in the millennia by Gods, Auxillium Porta was destroyed in the conflict between Gods and their descendants, one of whom is you. The only purpose of gods for Auxillium Porta consisted in interfering on the way the person and not to allow them to damn finally itself and the world in which they live. Now you have to unite the broken device. Finding its fragments scattered on the Universe you hope to correct damage caused by your brothers and sisters and to continue heritage of your Father. Development personazhasushchestvut a set of various methods which will help to diversify and strengthen the character. Gold can be received, killing the enemies met on your travel and to spend them in the Gift of the Goblin after completion of its quest. It gives you points of resistance and damages. When you increase level, you receive one point which can be spent on passive trees. Passive trees have knots for almost all characteristics in a game and are divided into 3 separate trees. You can place points anywhere, but have to follow requirements to ways and points of a cluster. At the end of each cluster there is a Cornerstone having drama effect, for example, "at hit" or "when receiving a loss". Skills can be also increased and at the same time receive natural increase in a loss. They also receive a point which can be spent in the individual trees of skills. These trees improve skill a set of ways: with 8 minor knots which offer various increases in characteristics, 4 main knots which change functionality of skills, and then 4 knots of addition which improve this modification even more. These knots need to be unblocked consistently. Objects happen 8 various levels of a rarity with some of which powerful and unique skills are connected. They can or change the current skills, or add effect to the character, for example "use a fiery sphere at hit" or "to reduce recovery time after murder". Content эндшпиляКонтент an end-game - a main objective of a game, and here is what to choose from so everyone can find what is pleasant to it! Gains is a series of camps with set of thematic enemies and the mini-boss. After they are defeated, the player will face the super-boss in a fight 1 on 1. To gains the accidental modifier, for example "immunity to a loss from fire" is also used. Mythical tests offer the unique test based on type of a mythical being. For example, in "Polet of Feniks" the player has to track down Phoenix and battle against its several phases then it regenerates stronger and more killing, than earlier. "The labyrinth of the Minotaur" sees the player who is tracking down the Minotaur in his labyrinth who is constantly in a ready state to its to "A shadow form" who can´t be killed, and from which it is necessary to evade! Meetings with bosses is a fight 1 on 1 with the superboss. Each boss has the thematic arena on which after death the set of production, including special relics drops out! The arena is a series from 10 waves against a great number of different enemies. Be careful, it is easy to get beaten because with each wave enemies receive бафф a loss and health! Endless Abyss is an infinite vault with various taylseta and mini-bosses. You can also call up to 4 mercenaries who will battle together with you while you plunge into its depths in search of incalculable treasures! Chaotic Encounters allows the player to battle against 3 casual bosses at the same time in a mad fight for objects for a pursuit
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