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Date of an exit: February 8, 2018.
Age rating: 12+
Developer: Infogrames
Publisher: Classics Digital
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Special prevention: terrorists intruded in our embassy and captured the uncertain number of hostages... Life hangs by a thread as the high-ranking diplomats are under a sight... Their safety demands immediate actions... be going to get into embassy, to neutralize terrorists, and save hostages, or die, trying. STAGE 1 - Establish strategic positions opposite to embassy. Be ready to dive into the shelter if on your way searchlights of terrorists turn. STAGE 2 - Get access to embassy. Come downstairs from a roof and punch unprotected windows, avoiding a sight of terrorists. STAGE 3 - Find hostages. Well armed terrorists control all three floors, and they need to be neutralized before they are able to open fire. STAGE 4 - to Bring hostages to the safe place. Their families - and the nation - expect that you will achieve success in this deadly operation.
Key features: Management of six members of the team of assault groups.
Three levels of complexity plus training mission without hostages.
Excellent graphics and sound effects
Action, strategy and uncertainty
Copyright Piko Interactive

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