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Date of an exit: October 7, 2019.
Age rating: 12+
Developer: Luxorix Games
Publisher: Alawar Premium
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitlings)
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

The hardcore RPG-meat grinder on the procedural generated planet! Plan for day: to collect resources, to feed to a dog ten monsters, to pump over weapon, to find an artifact, to die, repeat. A hardcore dynamic RPG-croissant on the procedural generated planet full of various monsters! Various locations, pumping of the character, confidential quests and (almost) invincible bosses – all this Space Robinson! You – the ordinary space technician sent to the remote planet for carrying out repair work in local colony. But when you reach the place, it turns out that the colony is empty, and behind walls of base crowds of aggressive monsters teem. And to learn what happened to inhabitants of colony, you should engage!
You will die. And then once again. And then one million more times! And then training will come to the end, and you will meet the real Monsters. Also you will die. Don´t you trust?! The demoversion is already available, come to play … that is, to die. EVERYONE NEW to RAZVSA levels of each of three big locations are generated in a random way therefore death won´t bore you, every time you will die in absolutely new place. Romanticism! BUT! If you really tough nut capable to break through two-three of levels, then you reach outposts in which it is possible to take rest in front of the real meat grinder and on particles to collect information on what happened to inhabitants of Colony 21.NOChNAYa СМЕНАКаким by miracle you managed to worry this day? Don´t worry! With arrival of night on a surface special monsters creep out. Did you, probably, already guess what happens to you, huh? ПОМОЩНИКИНо there are also light parties (and we not about light at the end of a tunnel): if to you has the luck to find the necessary artifact, then you will be able to create to yourself assistants. For example, a pretty shchenochk who turns into an impregnable blood-thirsty beast as soon as on the horizon the hostile monster appears. CRAFT And АПГРЕЙДСмерть – it not only is frequent, but also it is useful! Every time when you perish, on the basis of Colony is automatically created your clone, and in pockets it has all crystals and artifacts got by you. Don´t ask us as it is possible – ask about it settlers of colony when you find them. By means of artifacts you will be able to restore various sectors of colony, and the reactor which is pumped up by crystals will create enough energy to power the restored mechanisms. Robinzona can strengthen each similar unit, having given it the chance to live for couple of seconds longer. Alawar Entertainment, Inc., 2019. All rights reserved.

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