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Date of an exit: August 19, 2020.
Age rating: 16+
Developer: Lizard Hazard Games
Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Welcome to the Conference of villains, your opportunity number one to establish relations with other villains, be you the necromancer, the criminal inspirer or the angry demigod! V-con is your chance to communicate to villains from uncountable measurements and the Universes, to update the rascally experience in various interesting conversations and to learn the latest news of the industry. You will surely have a good time! In Lovingly Evil you can create the own rascally character from hundreds of various options, such as different features, constitution types, clothes, accessories, pets and many other things. After you created the evil alter ego, you can freely investigate a conference zone, meet different villains and attend conversations how to become more effective villain (for example, avoiding monologues and adding safety handrail on the bridge over your tremendous lava. hole). Each love hobby has mini-game. Cook sausages on a grill in a hellfire, use language of colors for creation of significant bouquets, win a card debate and check the knowledge - or good luck! Obtaining good results strengthens your relations so try very much! Mini-games can also be disconnected in settings for those who prefer more subject game.
Key features: Create the own character villain (any floor!)
5 rascally love interests
5 mini-games
Freely investigate a conference room
Attend a talk and learn rascally receptions
Party in night club

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