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Date of an exit: June 12, 2018.
Age rating: 18+
Developer: Movie Games Lunarium
Publisher: Movie Games S.A
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitlings)
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Johnathan Mun receives the letter from the wife who was gone a year ago. Following information from the letter, he goes to the lonely mansion where there takes place the ancient occult ceremony. Gate to other world – blasphemous, vicious lands Lusst´gkhaa open.
Study the Victorian mansion and Lusst´gkhaa – the alien measurement full of otherworldly beings. Once Lusst´gkhaa resembled our earth until local beings decided to degrade completely at own will. As a result of experiments they changed the bodies so that never to stop feeling pleasures of the body. Later hundreds of years after a metamorphosis the earth Lusst´gkhaa grows with extraterrestrial vegetation. Everywhere there are monstrous beings writhing in infinite ecstasy. Key features: Occult and BDSM-subjects
Move between two alternative realities by means of portals
Study the Victorian mansion and the world Lusst´gkhaa
Look for the hidden objects to open collateral plots and to learn background
Escape from beings of Lusst´gkhaa
The design of the world is inspired by the pictures Zdislava Beksinski
About a riginalny soundtrack from the famous composer (Draco Nared)
The DESCRIPTION of CONTENT FOR Vzroslykhrazrabotchiki describe content so: This game may contain content not suitable for all age or for viewing at work: Nakedness or scenes of sexual nature, the Violence scene or cruelty, Content for adults

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