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Date of an exit: October 31, 2012.
Age rating: 18+
Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Inc
Publisher: Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Inc
Localization: Russian interface
System of activation: Steam
Region: CIS, Russia

Natural Selection 2 pushes together strangers against people in futuristic fight for survival. Take destructive weapon, being a kosmodesantnik, or become ksenomorfy, a deadly life form of race Kharaa. At that time, while both teams battle among themselves against a look from the first person, two commanders look down in the battlefield, as in the strategy of real time. These commanders can give orders, establish buildings, collect resources, investigate technologies and use special abilities which help the teams to defeat the enemy.
Strategy meets shooter
Natural Selection 2 is a shooter from the first person and strategy in real time united in one game. Each team, at people and at strangers, has a commander. The commander looks down in the battlefield, gives orders, establishes buildings, collects resources, investigates technologies and use special abilities. Examples: The commander of people can teleport first-aid kits and cartridges to infantrymen, to establish tourist´s fir-trees for protection of the positions. The commander of strangers can grow up the new Hayv extending infection and laying eggs from which strangers appear. Two unique rasyigry for strangers, players can mutate in one of five vital forms: Fast and terrible Skalk can run on walls and the causing huge damage the jaws. Lerk, a support unit, flies and spreads gas. Горг treats others vital forms and builds tunnels and other tactical structures. Feyd appears and disappears before infantrymen, using teleportation and causes a loss the extremities braids. And, at last, huge Onos, so massive and heavy that even whole groups of infantrymen won´t be able to lift it. Infantrymen have submachine guns, shot-guns, grenade launchers, guns and other types of weapon. Cluster grenades can clean air shafts from mean Skalkov, flame throwers well burn alien structures and infection, and abilities of the commander, such as nano-board and catalysts, increase fighting efficiency of infantry. Infantrymen can attack the opponent not only on foot, they can sit down in slow Exoskeletons, from minigana or with electromagnetic guns. And can dress jet satchels and quickly attack Hayv strangers. Long-term razvitiyenatural Selection 2 receives continuous updates. This year (2019) the company the Unknown Worlds developer continues to develop new fitch, content and improvements. Instruments of modification igrynatural Selection 2 has all tools used during creation of a game. All game code is open. It means that you can create and play not limited number of modifications. You are published, share the code and swing modifications from Steam Workshop. Modifications are automatically downloaded if you join the server with fashion.

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