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Date of an exit: June 17, 2021.
Age rating: 18+
Developer: Ironward
Publisher: 505 Games
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitlings)
System of activation: Steam
Region: CIS, Russia

In this continuation of the popular tactical game The Red Solstice you should develop own strategies and to apply them in real time to performance of fighting tasks! *
(you *obratit attention: in a game the classical scheme of management for strategy in real time, but not control of two joysticks is used.) We welcome! After falling of Earth there passed 117 years, and you are faced by extremely important task. You were awakened that you headed "Cell" — the confidential special forces created for fight against invasion of mutants which became victims of the STROL virus. You with group should break through ranks of mutants and to find a dangerous virus medicine which threatens existence of all mankind. To survive in this hostile world and to decide destiny of the whole planet, you will need to perform a number of fascinating combat missions, each of which will demand strategic sharpness and fast adoption of tactical decisions in real time. Move forward on a task, choose equipment and take control over the battlefield to win! A game is available both in single, and in the joint mode to 8 players. Red Solstice 2: Survivors combines an intense action with elements of claustrophobia and careful strategic planning that in total will expand your idea of science fiction. Key features: In Red Solstice 2: Survivors is used the classical scheme of management for strategy in real time. It provides to the player more freedom and control and also helps to study planning, improvisation and execution of missions.
Strategy on survival. In Red Solstice 2: Survivors to you should perform tactical fighting tasks, at the same time constantly trying to avoid infection with the STROL virus. Carrying out an extensive campaign, you explore all planet for the only purpose — to save mankind.
Research of technologies. Investigate and improve new technologies, and then apply them in the battlefield.
Tactical fights in real time. Conduct battles in real time, adapting to a situation and changing strategy on the run.
Fighting tasks. Perform fighting tasks independently or together with other players and constrain distribution of the infected biomass. Dispose of resources, investigate the extensive card and free the territories occupied by the enemy for the sake of rescue of all mankind.
Three types of tasks. More than 15 main and 20 minor tasks which are subdivided into three types: research, reserved passing and survival.
Unique classes. Choose one of six available classes: attack plane, demolition man, fire support, sniper, physician or intelligence agent. In each of them it is inherent unique style of play.
Joint game for 8 players. Join campaigns and fighting tasks of other players or invite them in the game. Save the planet through joint efforts!
Lethal weapon. Use weapons of mass destruction to destroy all live in the battlefield or to burn the whole colonies to ashes.
Biological infection. Prevent distribution of the infected biomass which interacts with the environment and players.
"It how to fight against zerga from Starcraft, only face to face …" Rock Paper Shotgun "In Other Words, It Seems, that This Game Borrowed Basic Elements and Mechanics of Performance of Tasks from XCOM" .WCCFTECHOPISANIYE CONTENT FOR Vzroslykhrazrabotchiki describe content so: Blood from murder of beings and the death of players.

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