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Date of an exit: November 21, 2019.
Age rating: 6+
Developer: UMEO Studios
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Localization: Russian interface
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

FARMER’S DYNASTY is the absolutely new play experience combining realistic imitation with elements of role-playing games and classical farmer simulators. Do you remember good old times when you visited the grandfather on a farm? When you went with him by the tractor on fields and helped with work? Now you returned on the farm. For last years there were many cares in the city, but you never forgot about rural life. All this time you cherished a dream to reconstruct an antiquated farm and to begin own dynasty. It is time to carry out it!
Live, build, grow up! You the unique simulator of the farmer, builder and just waits for the person who removed into the country!
Carry out repair work! You should repair the proceeding roofs and stables, to update facades and to independently choose furniture to the house.
Interact with the open world and score social points! Don´t forget to help other people, the friendliness always pays off. Who knows, maybe, you and yourself will find the partner in life? And there and to kids nearby!
Perform difficult tasks and enjoy rural landscapes behind fishing or at a fire.
Steer agricultural machinery and tractors! That depends only on your vein of the economist, you will work on the decrepit and collapsing tractor or by a miracle of the modern equipment.
Your right drone will help to look at a farm from height of bird´s flight!
Land vegetables and reap a crop, look after animals and sell farmer products! Of work it is always full — not in the greenhouse, so on the stable, not on the stable — so in the field!

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