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Date of the output: October 13, 2021.
Age rating: 12+
Developer: LuGus Studios
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive B.V.
Localization: Russian interface
System of activation: Steam
Region: CIS, Russia

You act as the known haktivist known as Deyta whose personal data were published recently. As a result of you the shadow government division begins to blackmail.
You interact with virtual environment via the home terminal, management of which requires only the keyboard.
Whether SELECT the [M] Oralstanete you to dig in private life and bank accounts of other people or you will be fair? In Midnight Protocol you can select what hacker you want to be. Help police to track down the hacker swindler or be engaged in blackmail of the desperate husband who tries to delete... the compromising photos. Receive reputation of the black, gray or ethic hacker, and the plot will change depending on your choice.P [O] of LNOE POGRUZHENIEV Midnight Protocol you plunge into the world of digital wars without mastering of difficult hacker mechanics — the keyboard will become your weapon. You enter commands for elimination or the bypass of programs of safety, and let sounds of clicking of keys will be weaved into the tune of your victory. ARSEN [A] Ldlya of cracking of the digital safe or extraction of confidential data will be required careful planning. Use different programs for fight against cyber security: Troll Toll, Jackhammer, Cloak, Dagger and others. Buy new programs or the equipment in the black market and configure the arsenal according to the style of the game. Syuzhetavypolnyayte RAZVETVLE [N]IYa tens of collateral quests with the set the paskhalok and sendings to collect additional information on the purposes before the mission, and play in hacker chess to distract a little. Midnight Protocol offers you the huge number of collateral missions — many hours of additional content. The DESCRIPTION of CONTENT FOR Vzroslykhrazrabotchiki describe content so: The narration of the game belongs to computer hacking and crimes. There is limited use of mature language. This game also contains quickly blinking images. It can cause discomfort and cause spasms in people with photosensitive epilepsy. It is recommended at the discretion of the viewer and the player.

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