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Date of exit: September 3, 2021.
Age rating: 18+
Developer: Demagog Studio
Publisher: Untold Games
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitlings)
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Rich men have run away to Mars, but sometimes visit to the devastated Earth to play golf. Each hole is separate mini-story and also some kind of puzzle which needs to be solved that the ball has achieved the objectives. The brutalism should play in the middle of monuments, the collapsing shopping centers and the thrown museums, against the background of the neon signs and thoughtful graffiti devoted to modern world events, Silicon Valley and mankind in general.
Apocalypse in three parts
To understand how there has come the civilization decline, you will need to compare information from three different sources: stories of the lonely golfer who has arrived to play "one last time", broadcasts of the Martian radio station "Nostalgiya" and the narration on behalf of "the secret observer". You blame for everything tolstosumovzvukovy maintenance to you the thoughtful soundtrack and also the stories sounding on waves of Nostalgiya will serve: here natives from Earth can not only listen to music of the 2020th years, but also share reminiscence about the planet – if phone in ether. And as thrashing the leader sounds news and announcements according to which it is possible to get impression about not magnificent living conditions on Mars. To everyone vporublagodarya to three unlike modes will be entertainments for every taste here. The relaxed golfers wishing simply to admire types and to penetrate into history essence will suit "The subject mode". Those who are not afraid of difficulties can try the hand in "The mode of tests" where it is necessary to keep within the set number of blows. And to real masters the direct road in "The iron mode" where the player actually has no right for mistake. Thanks to the minimalistic interface and simple, intuitively clear management game will be quickly mastered by everyone. On pamyatk to each copy of game the official digital soundtrack of Golf Club Wasteland and also art album in the form of the graphic novel where history of the lonely golfer Charlie reveals in more detail is applied."

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