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Date of exit: June 24, 2021.
Age rating: 18+
Developer: Techland
Publisher: Techland Publishing
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitlings)
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Attention! Start requires Dying Light.
It is time to flaunt before infected with the new equipment! Strike to the enemy at least three blows with one-manual planshetopor of RGB to hit it with electricity! And if to you to liking something weightier, shatter bones of enemies Next-Gen sledge hammer. Use the charged attack to start up current on handle and to strike them with electroshock. Of course, it is better not to approach some opponents... Then Meta-LED onions are used. It shines, shoots and, what is even more important, holds blood-thirsty creatures at distance! But it is worth to remember about the most important of crafts! Add couple of lamps here and there, guide easy luster, and your machine will turn into abrupt 4wheelz! Jump for wheel, put on font of VR of "1337 G4m3R" (Attention! It can limit visibility!) also go to rake surrounding mess! The set contains: 1337 G4m3R dress;
appearance of the machine "4wheelz";
the odnoruchny planshetopor of RGB beating with electroshock after the third hit in a row;
Next-Gen sledge hammer beating with electroshock during the charged attack;
Meta-LED onions.
The DESCRIPTION of CONTENT FOR Vzroslykhrazrabotchiki describe content so: This addition may contain content not suitable for all age or for viewing at work: Nakedness or scenes of sexual nature, the Violence scene or cruelty, Content for adults

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