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Date of exit: November 18, 2014.
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Developer: Weltenbauer. Software Entwicklung GmbH
Publisher: Astragon Entertainment GmbH
Localization: Russian interface
System of activation: Steam
Region: CIS, Russia

In Construction Simulator 2015 you should plunge into the magnificent three-dimensional world and to undertake control of 16 realistic construction machines of brands of LIEBHERR, STILL and MAN. Dig out ditch for house footing, using the realistic equipment, fill in cement in wall panels of factory by means of the huge concrete pump or check the accuracy of movements of the hands, managing mobile hoisting crane to place huge roof frames. Thanks to realistic management you can work with the excavator according to the scheme SAE, using two joysticks and to get feelings of work on the real construction site.

Explore the world independently or together with druzyamiizuchayta the extensive open world with the cities, fields and even highways – you will find set of new tasks for your constantly growing park of machines. In process of growth of your business to you larger and profitable orders and new jobs with even great opportunities will open. To work always more cheerfully with friends, and building – not exception. Manage the equipment together with friends in the multiuser mode and together complete construction tasks or just play the pleasure in this open game world. About four workers can participate in network game. The player who creates game becomes managing director and undertakes the leading role in management of construction company, the general for all players.
You are waited by great causes!
So you can work together for performance of construction tasks. Together dig ditches, using different excavators until other player transports the taken earth on the gravel plant. In expanded game you will be able to work at three construction sites at the same time and will begin to earn really quickly money in the construction company. Do you have not enough 200 working platforms and more than 150 different missions? Construction Simulator 2015 gives the mass of opportunities for addition in game of your own construction sites and the equipment. You can use means of Construction Kit from developers of game to give the form to own worlds and to create own game content. Of course, you will be able to share the practices with others through Steamworks or the websites devoted to game. Thus the huge community of players will be able constantly to receive the new various content created by other users. To begin to create the additions not so difficult: everything that is required to you - it is the program for work with three-dimensional graphics, for example, 3ds Max or Maya, and the free version of cursor of Unity3d.Klyuchevye of feature: More than 200 missions will present you long hours of interesting game
16 realistic construction site engines from LIEBHERR, MAN and STILL
The realistic control of the equipment – for example, is supported SAE management for excavators
The realistic sound effects which are written down from the real equipment
Multiuser mode
For beginners and experienced: it is possible to switch easily between arcadian and expanded management
The extensive free world with various regions and areas.
Numerous dealers and suppliers whose offices can be visited
Detailed training will help to understand game easily
The system of nonlinear dynamic missions provides infinite game fun
For fans to make something with own hands: creation of own construction sites and the equipment is completely supported
System with numerous levels which allow to unblock special missions
Support of gamepads, wheels and joysticks (Unfortunately, joysticks and steering wheels of Thrustmaster are not supported yet)

Construction Sim 2015 Liebherr HTM 1204 ZA steam -- RU -
Construction Sim 2015 Liebherr LR 1300 steam -- RU -
Construction Sim 2015 Liebherr LTM 1300 62 steam -- RU -
Construction Sim2015 Liebherr 150 ECB steam -- RU -
Construction Simulator 2015 (steam key) -- RU -
Construction Simulator 2015 Liebherr A 918 steam -- RU -
Construction Simulator 2015 Liebherr LB 28 steam -- RU -
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