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Examination for RFEI the discipline "Financial analysis"

Contains 5 pages together with a cover sheet and has two tasks:

1. You need to carefully read the printed below the "Analysis of the financial condition of the company" Ruslan ". Then, at the end of the job get blank forms of the balance sheet. In them perform the first task of control work.

2. The management of the company "Ludmila" has the ability to invest 65 thousand rubles, but with the condition that this amount was again the enterprise is not more than 3 years. The leadership in mind est3 option of investing money. The first option is designed for 4 years is forecast to bring in the first year - 20 thousand rubles, in the second year - 30 thousand rubles, in the third year - 25 thousand rubles, and in the fourth year - 20 thousand rubles. Total 95 000 rubles. The second option provided for 5 years with estimated revenue: in the first year to 10 000 rubles, the second - 20 thousand rubles, in the third year - 30 thousand rubles, in the fourth year - 35 000, in the fifth year - 25 thousand rubles. Total - 120 000 rubles. The third project is projected at 4 years with income: in the first year - 35 000, in the second of 25 000 rubles, the third - 20 00 rubles in the fourth year - 15 thousand rubles. Total - 95 thousand rubles. Annual revenues are paid at the end of each year, the bank interest rate is 20% per annum and will not change the next 5 years. Determine which option to invest money should be preferred management company "Lyudmila" and explain why.
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