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Here is a macro for a mouse from the author Doom.xtf. It will help reduce recoil in the game, automate weapons and take your game level to new heights.
Attention! This is NOT a cheat and has nothing to do with cheats and other prohibited programs. Watch the video demo before purchasing.
Supports mice: Bloody, X7, Razer, Logitech.
For any mice: MacrosEffects, BotMe and other emulators.
Macro for the game Survarium.
Suitable for all versions (donate \ season \ faction) of this weapon.
Sensitivity 1 macro in the game.
The DPI value on the mouse can be anything.
The macro can be used without modules and perks.
For front sight and x1.2 sight. Other scopes are optional.
After installing the modules and perks, additional configuration may be required, see the file "macro settings" (in the archive).
After purchase, you will receive an archive with macros, instructions, detailed information, download it and unzip it with any archiver, you can use WinRar (
Updates for the macro and technical support of the macro from the author - FREE OF CHARGE throughout the entire validity period of the macro. We solve any problems with macros as soon as possible, write to me from the section my purchases -
--- - how to set a macro on Razer? - how to set a macro on Logitech? - how to set a macro to Bloody? - how to set a macro on X7? - how to install a macro on ANY mouse?
--- - download drivers for Razer. - download drivers for Logitech. - download drivers for Bloody. - download drivers for X7. - download MacrosEffects for any mouse.
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