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After payment, you will receive a unique code that you need to IMMEDIATELY inform the seller in personal correspondence on the OPLATA.INFO website, as well as PROVIDE LOGIN (MAIL) AND PASSWORD from your XBOX account in the chat with the seller.

After logging into the account, the seller buys the required product.
At the end of the transaction, you can change your password.
If at the time of purchase it turns out that you yourself tried to buy any kind of content in a store region that does not correspond to your location and you saw an error - the region of your card does not match the region of the Microsoft Store, there will be time restrictions on such an account that are valid from 7 to 14 days!
You will be asked to wait up to 14 days, after which the purchase restrictions will disappear, and the purchase of the product will be successful.

Refunds due to time restrictions on your account are not accepted, wait for the expiration of the restrictions and get the goods you paid for!

Frequently Asked Questions:
1) Why should I give data from my Xbox account?
Answer: Donat currency is bought from a cheaper region to your account, this is not a code!
2) Do you buy donat from stolen cards?
Answer: No, personal and legal cards are used to receive subscriptions.
3) Can my account be blocked? Is it legal?
Answer: No, regional peculiarities are used to get subscriptions - this is legal, a ban is not possible!
13.09.2022 17:53:03
Отлично всё работает, продавец добросовестный!! Первый раз покупал ,переживал. Но всё прошло хорошо. Спасибо большое
15.06.2022 13:01:46
Все получил)
26.05.2022 18:53:51
Все быстро пришло
26.05.2022 11:57:11
Все отлично! Приобретаю второй раз. Лучшие рекомендации!

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