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Here you can buy Elite Dangerous: Odyssey GLOBAL Russia CIS for PC. Already after the first purchase you have a discount on all subsequent purchases of our products.
Immediately after payment, you will receive a link to the mail specified during the purchase, by which the license key for activating the game will be available to you.
A gift to EVERY buyer who left positive feedback! Detailed instructions below.

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Activation: STEAM
Platform: PC
Activation region: GLOBAL RU CIS

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Elite Dangerous takes it to the next level! The Odyssey add-on adds a completely new game concept to the gameplay - first-person exploration on foot. You are waiting for thousands of new worlds that you can go to alone or with a team of other players from around the world. In addition to exploration, the new DLC allows you to engage in trade, diplomacy, equipment customization, bounty hunting, and much more - the whole Milky Way is given to you at your mercy!

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> Buy the game
> Leave positive feedback
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