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🔺 After activating the key and receiving items on the XBOX console, they will also be available on other platforms 🔻🔰To activate the key, you need a VPN with a connection to the country: Türkiye 🇹🇷
🔰After activation, the game has no region restrictions 🌍
🔰The game is permanently linked to your Microsoft account 💯
🔰Digital codes from the official supplier. Product 100% licensed and working! ✅To pay 💸 with a bank card, we recommend choosing Lava payment services (there is SBP) or - there is no commission❕😉attentiondelivery💬DESCRIPTION:/deliveryHas the Cube ever been corrupted, or has the darkness always been there? Let your dark side take control by wearing the Dark Reflections pack. Includes the following cosmetics:
- Dark Outfit Wild Card
- Wild Cube Back Bling
- Crimson Knight´s Attire
- Dark Shield Back Bling
- Dark Jonesy Outfit
- Dark Ax Pickaxe/attentiondeliveryActivation + Get Skin Service
- Select it when purchasing the code if you don´t own an XBOX and need to get the bundle on other platforms (Epic Games/PS)
– Link your Microsoft (xbox) account to epic games/delivery
❗❗❗WE OFFER YOUR ATTENTION❗❗❗💡 Game Activation Guide from Phone📱 / PC 💻:1. Install VPN:
📱 - Seed4.Me
💻 - Seed4.Me, Hotspot VPN, Lat VPN, Windscribe
2. Start the VPN by selecting the country from the description above ⬆️
3. Sign in with your Microsoft account
4. Go to
5. Enter the key, click "next" - "confirm activation"
5. Activate your key and play :)/deliveryattention⏳Working hours: 11:00-23:00 UTC+3⌛

💯For payment 💸 by bank card, we recommend choosing Lava payment services (there is SBP) or - there is no commission❕😉💯
💵 Digital keys purchased by mistake (inattention) cannot be returned or exchanged

💥If you have any questions, please contact us in the chat, we will be happy to answer them!/attention
19.07.2023 19:54:17
Отличное соотношение цена/качество.
Активация без проблем.
От покупки до использования 5 минут.
17.07.2023 17:01:53
Все супер!
29.06.2023 18:06:39
Все топ!
17.06.2023 20:04:41
Покупал у данного продавца 2 набора в фортнайте+активацию(🟣Fortnite - Набор «Зловещие грани» XBOX/PC🔑 🟣🔝Fortnite: Набор «Искажённые легенды» XBOX/PC🔑) сначала думал будет скам из-за большого количества положительных отзывов но все оказалось не скамом а ультра кайфом прикольный хороший продавец короче все отлично рекомендую к приобретению товаров у данного продавца!!!

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