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On sale ACCOUNT Direct with a regular (not ID) coupon for 3000 rubles. (top up with 6000+VAT and the balance will be 9000 without VAT)
The promo code is suitable for a domain that has NOT been ADVERTISED within the last year!
TERM FOR ISSUANCE OF ACCOUNT WITH A PROMO CODE 6-24 hours from the moment of purchase!
The promotional code will be issued for the domain that you specify during the purchase and will be linked to this domain; it will not be possible to apply the promotional code for another domain.

To GET an account with a coupon:
1) After the purchase, you will receive a unique code generated by this site (this is not a Yandex Direct promotional code);
2) Give us a unique code;
3) Within a day (usually 6-8 hours) after the purchase, we will send you data from Yandex mail with a Direct coupon.

To activate the coupon:
1) Open the GET Yandex.Direct account.
2) Create at least one campaign per site to be advertised.
3) Create an invoice for at least 6000 rubles (including VAT will be 7200 rubles).
4) Enter the received coupon (located in the inbox) and replenish the account with ONE payment in any convenient way (available for individuals and legal entities).

IMPORTANT!!! The promo code can NOT be used for:
- an account with redirect links;
- advertisement of a domain that has been advertised during the last year;
- advertising of several sites;
- advertising of a third-level domain or subdomain (for example,;

- when changing a domain, adding a new one or using a redirect, the bonus will be automatically debited.
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