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ATTENTION! You can redeem the code from any Netflix account registered in any country. The main thing is to enable VPN Turkey

If you do not have a VPN after purchase, you can write to me, I will provide you with free access to the VPN service for activation
Or you can send me your login password, I will activate everything for you, you will only have to enjoy the

You can use your Netflix account after activation in any country, No VPN (only needed for activation).

🔻 How to activate the key?
1️⃣ Log into your account with Turkey VPN.
2️⃣ Follow the link: https://www.netflix.com/tr/redeem
3️⃣ Enter the code received upon purchase, click activate and select a plan.

🔶 Please do not leave negative feedback before contacting the seller through the "CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE SELLER" section. First of all, don´t worry, describe the problem you´re having and attach a photo/video. We will answer you as soon as the support agent is online (but no more than 24 hours). As practice shows, in most cases the problem is a small misunderstanding, which is solved quite simply and quickly.

✅ We will be glad to receive positive feedback from our customers after the purchase. This helps our store objectively evaluate the work and make your purchase more economical in the future!
🔎 All our products are tested before being sold. The chances of you encountering an ineffective or used product is very small, but there has been an increase in buyer scams lately, so we ask all buyers to record videos from the moment of purchase to the moment the product is activated. The video must not contain any assembly, trimming or interruption. video is your guarantee!

✅All codes are checked for operability before sale, there are no working ones
*Certificates are perpetual, you can activate at any time, but
🛡️My activation guarantee is 48 hours.
20.09.2022 3:01:10
После оплаты код сразу пришёл на почту, код корректный, уже добавила себе в аккаунт нетфликс, работает отлично. :)

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