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Included products (9):
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Collector's Edition Pack
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Limited Edition Pack
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Bug Hunt DLC
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Movie Map Pack
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Reconnaissance Pack
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Sawed-off Double Barrel Shotgun
Aliens: Colonial Marines - SHARP Sticks
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Stasis Interrupted

You and your friends are against deadly creatures throughout the universe. Another great day in the life of a Marine.

Buckle up, soldier! You are in Aliens™: Colonial Marines. This game was created by Gearbox, the developers of the critically and publicly successful Borderlands and Brothers In Arms series. Your friends will serve with you in the coolest army unit in the galaxy - the US Colonial Marine Corps. You are required not only to survive, but also to destroy the source of the spread of xenomorphs.
Key Features:
Sign up to volunteer for the USMC.

A true sequel to the cult classic Aliens, this game lets you take advantage of the soldiers' arsenal familiar from the film, including pulse rifles, motion sensors and flamethrowers.

The most authentic reproduction of the Aliens universe.

Visiting faithfully recreated replicas of the film series' settings - the Hadley's Hope colony, the Sulaco ship and the planet LV-426 - you will be drawn into an eerie and mystical world in which your life can be interrupted at any moment.

Co-op game with Drop-in/Drop-out function.

Gearbox, recognized masters of cooperative action games, put their accumulated experience into creating a game based on the Aliens universe. Has it become too difficult to fight xenomorphs? Call your partners to provide fire support. The entire campaign can be completed in a squad of up to four fighters, each of whom can join or leave the game at any time as they complete self-contained tasks connected by a common storyline.

Combat equipment and upgrades.

Transform yourself from a soldier into the ultimate machine of ruthless destruction. An extensive upgrade system will allow you to customize your character the way you want. Earn experience points to get new abilities, weapons and equipment for your squad members.
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