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Frank West, a freelance photojournalist, got an interesting tip and in search of sensational achievement in a small town. But he said the town was infested with zombies! Frank took refuge in the conditions of the shopping center, deciding that it would be safe there, but he was cruelly mistaken. Surviving in an endless stream of zombies is convenient, but Frank has a whole shopping center at his disposal. To fight the carnivorous crowd, anything is possible, along the way, revealing the secret of a monstrous epidemic. In this action-packed horror game, you´ll discover what real shopping is like!

In Dead Rising, time passes no matter where Frank is or what he is doing. For example, if zombies walk during the day, then after sunset they become much faster, and it’s convenient to survive at night. Crowds of enemies come in endless waves, and the zombies in them are very different. Former people acquired some of the memories of the value of life, which was reflected in their appearance and behavior. In the shops of the shopping center you can find available resources: vehicles, homemade weapons, etc. You can also meet other survivors in the shopping center, and meeting with them will shed light on what happened.

The main features of the game:
Vast spaces - both inside and outside the mall is full of a variety of places to explore.
Swarm technology - an unprecedented amount of contradictions can appear on the screen, which make the battles exciting and endless.
Bloody scenes and creepy realism.
Everything in the mall is at Frank´s disposal.
You can move zones, benches and other items.
Goods can be used as weapons: golf clubs, lawn mowers, frying pans, etc.
Health needs to be restored with food from the mall.
Real-time system - natural patterns of natural behavior in certain places, regardless of where it is openly. Don´t miss important events!
Frank´s photojournalism skills - a nightmare can be captured on film, and the better the shot, the greater the reward for it.
NPCs - Victims make their way through the zombie-captured mall.
They began to reveal the secret - why are the whole cities of zombies?

1. You need to download and install Steam
2. Log in with your account or register a new one.
3. Go to the "My games" section and select "Activate via Steam ...", and enter the key received after payment.
4. After activation, the game will appear in the list of games (Library) and you can download it
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