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Languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German
Region: The Whole World
Activation: Rockstar

Max Payne went through a lot: his family and friends died before his eyes, and these tragedies left an indelible mark on his soul. He left the police, became addicted to booze and painkillers, sinking more and more into the abyss of despair. In an attempt to escape from his past, Max moves to Brazil and becomes the bodyguard of a rich real estate dealer from Sao Paulo - Rodrigo Branco. But events unfold in such a way that Max finds himself on the streets of an unfamiliar city face to face with deadly danger. He has to survive—and find out what´s going on.

The latest game mechanics that allow you to conduct extremely accurate shooting, improved effects of time dilation (Bullet Time ® ) and jump shooting (Shootdodge ™ ), the Euphoria character behavior system created by Natural Motion, as well as a gloomy and twisted plot — all this makes the Max Payne 3 game from Rockstar Games incredibly cinematic, well-developed down to the smallest details and flashing in front of the player in one breath.
In addition to the single player campaign, Max Payne 3 will be the first game in the series to introduce an exciting multiplayer game. The multiplayer game in Max Payne 3 brings the same atmosphere of shootouts and cinematography from the single-player campaign. Using elements of fiction and signature elements of the Max Payne series, Max Payne 3 brings a wide selection of multiplayer modes that touch on themes of paranoia, betrayal and heroism, all as in a single-player campaign.
The innovation that debuts in Max Payne 3 and will be continued in the future in Grand Theft Auto V are Gangs that go beyond traditional clans, allowing players to join large groups, or create their own grouping that its members can customize. Thus, Gangs help players survive from battle to battle — and even in other games — through the Rockstar Games Social Club, which tracks all gang statistics, including feuds.
Activating the Rockstar Key

1) If you do not have the Rockstar Games launcher installed, download and install it
2) Create a new Rockstar account / or log in to an existing one.
3) In the launcher, select the "Redeem code" item in the drop-down menu, or activate the code on the official website.
4) Enter the activation key that you received after payment.
5) You can download the game using the launcher from the "Library" section.
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