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💰For a comfortable payment, choose LAVA --- --- QIWI --- YOOMoney 💰
🎮 Platform: XBOX ONE --- XBOX SERIES X|S✅✅✅ Advantages of buying a game in our store!
👍 High-quality and proven product;
👍 There are several convenient payment methods to choose from;
👍 Support for any questions regarding the game;
👍 Help with activation to your account;✅ After payment, you will receive an original digital license key to download the game "Assassin´s Creed® Odyssey" for XBOX ONE and XBOX SERIES X|S consoles. I recommend activating the key within 48 hours after purchase.

🎮⚡ About the game:
---Write your own epic odyssey and become a legendary Greek hero in the game Assassin´s Creed® Odyssey, an inspiring adventure where you have to determine your own destiny and choose your own path in a world on the verge of collapse. Influence the development of the history of a rich and changeable world shaped by your decisions.
---Become a legendary Greek hero
Start your journey by choosing Alexios or Cassandra from the very basics and become a living legend. Customize your equipment, develop your abilities and personalize your ship, gradually turning into a hero of Greece.
---Fight in grand battles
Demonstrate your extraordinary warrior abilities and change the balance of power in one of the deadliest conflicts of that time — the Peloponnesian War. Take part in the grandiose clashes between Sparta and Athens, fighting in large-scale battles of 150 to 150 soldiers.

Activation region: 🌍Argentina🌍
To activate the key, a VPN with a connection to Argentina is required. After activation, the game has NO REGIONAL RESTRICTIONS. The game is forever associated with your Microsoft account
💥 You can download the game in any region and at any time, with all available languages 👍
Before buying, carefully read the game: genre, weight, available language, etc.

Activation method using VPN:
1. Download the Hola Free VPN application from the AppStore or from the Android Market (Play Market). Analogues: FreeVPN, UrbanVPN, Seed4.Me VPN.
2. Launch, select Argentina as the VPN source
3. Through the browser, go to
4. Log in to your account
5. Enter the key and click "confirm"
6. Everything is ready, the game is linked to your account and is available for download on the console (if it does not appear in the games available for download immediately, this means that the console was turned on at the time of code activation. Wait a few minutes or just turn off and turn on the console.

The seller will help in solving any problems with the code. For a positive review of the product, cashback🎁 in the amount of 2%/attention
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