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Far Cry Primal UPLAY KEY EU

The Far Cry series, which brought you crazy adventures in the tropics and the Himalayas, this time will take you to a place where the struggle for survival is more intense than ever. In the picturesque expanse of an open world inhabited by amazing fauna, anything can happen to you. Get ready for surprises!

You will find yourself in the Stone Age, which means - in mortal danger. The land belongs entirely to mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, and man is somewhere at the beginning of the food chain. You are the last survivor of a group of hunters. You have to make deadly weapons, defend yourself from wild animals, fight hostile tribes for territory and prove that you are not prey, but a predator.

Game Features:

Your character´s name is Takkar. He is the only surviving hunter from his group. There is only one goal in his life - to survive in a world where a person is considered easy prey.

Hone your skills and lead your tribe to prosperity.
Enlist the help of extraordinary characters who will help you overcome the dangers of the wild.
Fight warlike tribes ready to do anything to wipe you and your friends off the face of the earth.
Kill wild beasts and defeat enemies to prove that you are the most dangerous predator in Urus.

You are the first person on Earth who will try to tame the most dangerous creatures in order to become the leader of the entire Urus.

Tame the animals you meet along the way so that they help you when needed. First, try to tame an owl: it can inspect the area from a height.
Each animal has unique abilities: a wolf will always warn its owner about danger, a saber-toothed tiger will help you get more resources, a jaguar will quietly attack your enemy, and a bear will crush any obstacle.
Moving on the back of an animal is much faster than walking. You can ride even on a saber-toothed tiger or a bear.

It´s not just the stone age. This is the stone age in the world of Far Cry - the era of real madness and unbridled power.

Find enemy outposts and go on the attack using weapons made from the bones of the animals you have killed.
Learn to use fire to gain a tactical advantage against hostile tribes or defend against wild beasts.
Chase your prey to deliver the killing blow. But be careful - the smell of blood can attract other predators.
In the Stone Age, your arsenal of deadly weapons will become especially diverse, and your life will be threatened by the most unthinkable dangers... in the best traditions of FarCry.

The Ice Age is over, and the plant world on Earth is experiencing a real flowering. Humans and animals have all the resources necessary for life, but each of the species will have to defend the right to exist in a continuous struggle.

Explore the primeval world of Urus with its giant trees, impenetrable thickets and treacherous swamps - find out what the Earth looked like before man began to change it.

Life in Urus literally boils, it is inhabited by many creatures: from wolves and deer to the inhabitants of militant tribes. Representatives of megafauna also live here, such as saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths - real giants that terrify other living creatures.

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To activate the code in Uplay, click on the image of three horizontal lines in the upper left corner and select "Activate produc
12.11.2022 21:15:18
Ключ рабочий, получил сразу, спасибо за товар.

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