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$300 the discount is 1%

⭐ How does the purchase process happen with a change of region?

1. After payment, you receive a unique code on the payment page, you need to send it to the chat with the seller (This code is needed to confirm your payment in the system, it does not affect anything else, we will not be able to provide you with the service until we receive the code from you, pay attention to this!)

🟥2. Send your username and password from your account

3. Stay in touch and wait for a response from the seller, you will be asked for the Steam Guard code

44. Expect a message about a successful purchase!⭐ How is the process of buying a game as a gift?

You will need to provide a link to a friend´s profile or code, after we are added to friends on Steam, I will send the game as a gift.

Attention! Check that your region corresponds to the one you chose when buying! You can do this here: //delivery/attention
24.05.2023 8:39:48
классный продавец, за пару минут все оформили, и регион поменяли, покупайте)

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