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⌚Working time: 11:00 (am) - 2:00 (night) Moscow time (MSK)⌚ - I complete the order in 5-10 minutes✔️
If you pay at night or in the morning, I will do it during working hours (if you are too lazy to wait for me, you can just have a unique code that you will be given after payment and a link to your account)✔️

❗❗Call of Duty: Modern warfare (2019) is sent as a GIFT🎁, to any region from 🌏RUSSIA,🌏BELARUS,🌏KAZAKHSTAN, 🌏UKRAINE, 🌏CIS country, 🌏Argentina. I DO NOT need to log into your account, I also DO NOT need logins and passwords❗❗

❓How the whole process happens❓
✔️Pay for the lot
✔️I add you as a friend on STEAM and send a gift
✔️Get a gift and leave a good review (optional) :)

❓Remaining questions❓
🔹 Most of them are answered above or you can ask me in the chat

⭐Discounts for regular customers and their friends⭐

🔥 If you want to play on 🔥
❗❗We will be able to make it for you in Epic if at least you fit at least 1 parameter:

✔️You already have the region Kazakhstan or Ukraine or Türkiye
✔️We log into your account and buy the game (safely)

❓How to get a link to your account❓
✔️Log in with your steam account:
✔️ Link to your profile in the browser bar.

❗❗❗ If you did not read the description or paid by accident or any return initiated through your fault - then the return comes with a 20% deduction, if suddenly the fault is on me, then the funds will not be withheld (i.e. get back the full cost ) ❗❗❗