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🔑 Activation🔶You activate the code yourself, without transmitting your account data.
🔶Does not require bank cards. .Activation region (Turkey)

You can redeem your product activation code using your Microsoft account.
Simply go to, sign in and enter the 25-digit code.
When activated, use Turkey region VPN.

🛑 Attention, the promo code can only be activated on accounts with the Turkey region, if you have a different account region, change it to the Turkey region.

🛑 When purchasing subscription games and other content, you must use a phone or PC and make purchases in the Turkish store using Turkey VPN.

🛑 All codes have been checked for functionality; claims for used codes will not be accepted! .Any questions? write to us, we are always happy to help you.

attentionThank you in advance for your good review!/attention
26.11.2023 20:52:58
Все супер
17.11.2023 14:02:56
Все отлично! Рекомендую!
13.11.2023 14:34:42
excellent worked easily with vpn
12.11.2023 19:52:22
Активация прошла успешно. Спасибо за ключ!
12.11.2023 19:51:19
ключ активировал успешно. Спасибо!
08.11.2023 5:32:51
Код работает, используйте данные в описании товара. Спасибо продавцу
07.11.2023 13:28:20
parfait!!! Замечательно!! СПАСИБО! Вы лучший!
02.11.2023 1:29:02

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