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Instruction Manual Daihatsu Terrios 1999-2000g (Just suitable for Toyota Cami)


1.SPECIAL security for your car (exhaust fumes from the engine, catalytic converter, fuel recommendations)

2.Dveri and castles

3.Sidenya and seat belts

4.Pribory and controls (ignition switch, alarm switches, locking center differential mechanism etc)

5.Kontrolno instrumentation (instrument panel general view)

6.Sistemy heating and air conditioning ventelyatsii


8.Vnutrennee service (Courtesy light / luggage compartment, the alarm, sunroof, support handles)

9.Priemy driving

10.Avariynye state

11.Uhod Car (corrosion protection, care salon)

12.Tehnicheskoe maintenance (replacement of coolant, fuses, replacement of spark plugs, replacing the air filter, check the oil level in the differential, etc.)


The archive contains a special e-book format DjVu, read books, use a program that can be downloaded here:

In addition, the book is available for sale

"Tech. Service with their hands and Daihatsu Terrios Toyota Cami 1999-2000g."
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