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THESE Photoshop plug-ins are designed specifically for the creation of such 3-D artwork!

With their help, you can create colorful graphic cover for your

e-books, software, business package, or discs.


What does the number 32?


This means that you can create 32 completely different cover for silyu and design.

And to do it for 2-3 minutes. Just click on the "start" button, and do everything for you.


What you get after purchase?


You will receive an archive of 32-Photoshop plug-ins (or ACTION)

easy to embed into the well-known program PHOTOSHOP.


Why such a cover?


Make your e-book for the graphics and artwork

Put it on the website along with a link to download.

She drew the attention of the visitor to your email

book and encourage the person to download it.

Professionally made graphic cover allows

affect the rights and control his emotions!

Draws attention to your digital goods, books, CDs, and buy it.

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