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The largest database of lyrics of foreign songs from all over the world (source lyricsmania) in MySQL, consisting of 851805 songs, from 68763 albums by 49,975 artists.
Buying a product, you will receive a link to download the archive (170 mb) and a password to this archive. Inside the archive - sql file, encoded in UTF-8.
You can also order a change in the structure of the base for the engine of your site.
The database consists of three related tables: artists {id, artist name, first letter of artist name}, albums {id, artist_id, album name}, songs {id, artist_id, album_id, song title, lyrics in native language}. (see fig.)
The size of the database is 945946 Kb (923 Mb). For the correct display of special characters from different languages, it is advisable to output information from the database in the encoding: Western European ISO-8859-1.
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03.05.2021 3:42:03
Все ок, база хорошая
01.04.2017 10:46:15
Все ок )