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Probably, there is not a single person who has not come across a far from always clear legal terminology used in documents or literature. And in this case, an explanatory legal dictionary can come to the rescue. This MySQL database consists of 31542 descriptions of legal terms.
Database dump size: 47.7 MB.
Encoding: cp1251
When purchasing a product, you will receive links to download the archive with a dump and a password to it.
You can also order a change in the structure of the base for the engine of your site.
For the same price you can get one of the presented dictionaries, for this you just need to contact us.

* Dictionary of Russian synonyms and similar expressions
* A short dictionary of synonyms
* Russian surnames. Popular etymological dictionary
* Morphemic and spelling dictionary
* Dictionary of synonyms of the Russian language
* School etymological dictionary of the Russian language
* Russian spelling dictionary
* Dictionary of antonyms of the Russian language
* Phraseological Dictionary of the Russian Literary Language
* Encyclopedia "Krugosvet"
* Small Encyclopedic Dictionary of Brockhaus and Efron
* Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language by Vladimir Dahl
* Explanatory dictionary of the Russian language by Ushakov
* Collection of figurative words and parables. 1904 g.
* Dictionary of Natural Sciences.
* Complete encyclopedia of dog breeds
* Dictionary of basic criminal procedural concepts and terms
* Dictionary of basic criminal law concepts and terms
* Encyclopedic Dictionary "Constitution of the Russian Federation"
* Encyclopedic Dictionary "Constitutional Law of Russia"
* Dictionary "War and Peace in Terms and Definitions"
* Large legal dictionary
* Encyclopedic dictionary of the head of the enterprise
* Dictionary of Economics and Finance.
* Dictionary "Accounting, taxes, business law"
* Economics and Mathematics Dictionary
* Modern Economic Dictionary
* Encyclopedic reference book “Jazz. XX century "
* Literary encyclopedia
* Vocal-encyclopedic dictionary
* Who´s Who in Contemporary Culture
* European art: Painting. Sculpture. Graphics
* Dictionary of the Woodwind Musician
* Choral dictionary
* Concise music vocabulary
* Musical dictionary. Explanatory with illustrations
* A Brief Encyclopedic Dictionary of Jazz, Rock and Pop Music
* Dictionary of modern place names
* Encyclopedia "Moscow"
* Names of Moscow streets. Toponymic dictionary
* Manors of the Moscow region
* Tourism country studies: Europe and Asia
* Encyclopedia "Japan from A to Z"
* Petersburg Toponymy
* Countries and Regions of the World: Economic and Political Guide
* Register of medicines of Russia
* Medicinal plants
* Internet-Russian phrasebook
* Encyclopedic Dictionary "History of the Fatherland from Ancient Times to the Present"
* Biographical Dictionary “Political figures of Russia. 1917 "
* All the monarchs of the world. The Ancient East
* All the monarchs of the world. Ancient Greece. Ancient Rome. Byzantium
* All the monarchs of the world. Muslim East VII-XV centuries
* All the monarchs of the world. Muslim East. XV-XX centuries
* Figures of the revolutionary movement in Russia
* Astronomers: A Biographical Reference
* The latest philosophical dictionary
* Encyclopedia "Symbols, signs, emblems"
* Encyclopedia of Postmodernism
* Encyclopedia "History of Philosophy"
* Encyclopedia of Esotericism
* Real dictionary of classical antiquities
* Encyclopedia of Sociology
* Dictionary of Social Sciences.
* Terror and terrorists. Vocabulary
* Security: theory, paradigm, concept, culture
* Russian encyclopedia of labor protection
* Russian Humanitarian Encyclopedic Dictionary
* Terrorism and terrorists. Historical reference
* Domestic cars. 1896-2000
* Publishing dictionary-reference
* Advertising and Printing. Reference Dictionary Experience
* Encyclopedia "Religion"
* Bible Encyclopedia
* Dictionary of Christian Dissent
* Dictionary "Reformation and Protestantism"
* Bibliological Dictionary
* History of psychology in persons: personalities
* General psychology. Vocabulary
* Developmental Psychology. Voca
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