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Date of an exit: July 27, 2021.
Age rating: 12+
Developer: Norsfell
Publisher: Gearbox Publishing
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitlings)
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Tremble, giants approach! Midgard uninvited guests besiege. Mythical beings, killing spirits and huge giants threaten to bring closer Ragnarök and by that to arrange doomsday! Now to you, mighty an eynkheriya, it is necessary to distract from nice feasts in Valhalla and to return to Midgard. Become the invincible Viking and try to survive, and it is even better to bring prosperity to your village and the whole world which you should save from death. Fortunately, you should not do it alone: the tribe (almost always) of fearless companions will help to build defensive works around the village and in search of treasures in this wonderful country. But do not worry, eventually, the Apocalypse - it is cheerful. Survive as the real Viking and achieve prosperity in the multiplayer role-playing game of Tribes of Midgard, the arcadian fighter with the emphasis on survival of really giant scales.
Key features: Explore the bright world of the Scandinavian legends
Go down in vaults, kill monsters and you build buildings. You are waited by the world full of threats created by means of procedural generation which will need to be subdued to stop Ragnarök.
Throw down a challenge to enormous tests
Protect Iggdrasil´s Seed from attacks of generations of Hel and combine efforts with other players from your tribe to reflect threat of yotun, mythical giants who want to destroy the Seed and the village surrounding it.
Put an own legend
Choose a class and throw down a challenge to the world around! Collect resources to shape epic armor and invincible weapon, and then bring down powerful abilities and the heads of your enemies — and do not forget to support all this with defensive works around the village.
Become the leader of the tribe
When giants come, they can be defeated only through joint efforts! You can submit Midgard alone or as a part of the tribe which can total up to 10 players in the multiuser PvE-mode of cooperation. Test the skills of the Viking in the different game modes, you will not find darling yet. It is more than Vikings — more fun! We recommend to battle against Ragnarök in the tribe from four or more players.
Never give up
Within a year you are waited by a set of seasonal events together with which more difficult tests and valuable treasures come to Midgard. Use new ways to become stronger and unblock awards which then will help you with each game.
28.05.2022 21:15:00
Ключ пришел
25.05.2022 11:38:23
Всё пришло быстро и честно)Спасибо!!!)
14.05.2022 7:13:53
Код получил быстро. Всё отлично .
12.05.2022 22:00:41
Ммм супер ! Прям бест продавец, купил несколько игр в подарок ! Супер ребята, прям одобрям
12.05.2022 21:58:57
Продавец - молодец! Супер
08.05.2022 21:27:39
Все отлично, продавец честный
20.02.2022 20:53:58
Все отлично, активировалась в стиме! Рекомендую.
27.11.2021 19:32:15

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